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Rubinum 17 on the Peruvian magazine Gestión

The sommelier Giovanni Bisso in an article in the Peruvian magazine Gestión recommends, among the wines of the week, our Rubinum 17, intense and floral. Made by Soloperto!

Soloperto Rubinum, Italia

Southern Italian wine, the denomination of origin bears the name of the area and country in which the grapes are produced, something very common in Italy. I'm talking about D.O.P. Primitivo di Manduria (Primitivo grapes, Manduria the city). Because of its southern position, it has much more exposure to the sun, so wines usually have a more pronounced alcoholic level, in this case they are 17 degrees obtained naturally. It has an aging of 6 months in French oak barrels and subsequently kept in the bottle.

This wine goes very well with a small Tilsiter, which is a semi-soft yellow cheese, created in the mid-nineteenth century by Swiss Emmental craftsmen in East Prussia. It is named in honor of the Prussian city of Tilsit. The result of its preparation is a cheese with an intense flavor. You can find both cheese and wine at Adrimpex.

View: has a bright red color, intense and lively.

Odor: it is a wine that offers floral notes like white roses and jasmine, as well as blueberries, ripe plums and a final touch of bitter chocolate.

Taste: it is an intense wine, alive, with marked tannins, good acidity, perfect for meat and to be enjoyed in complete tranquility. The ideal is to let it breathe 30 minutes.

Read the full article by clicking here.

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