Negroamaro Salento IGP

Vintìa is a whim of the wind, stubborn son of sirocco and north wind. Salento's wind, which shakes the vines and caresses the stones. Vintìa is an ageless little earthy whim, good only to make us wine, is thirsty root that digs until the sea reaches. Vintìa is a never-ending love whim, written angrily on the walls of rocks at the confines of the world. Vintìa is a whim...

  • Vine: Negroamaro
  • Production Area: Salento
  • Age of vineyards: 30/40 years
  • Cultivation system: shrub-type and espalier
  • Stumps per hectare: 5000/6000
  • Grape yeld per hectare: 60/80 quintals
  • Grape harvest: October
  • Wine ageing: barrique 6/9 months - stainless steel tanks - bottle
  • Alcoholic content: 13,5% Vol.


Ideal with roasted red meat and seasoned cheeses.


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